Elan 310 - Balatonfüred, Balaton, vitorlás hajó bérlés

hajó neve Carina, Norma, Pyxis, Reverto, Sagitta, Vela
kormány típusa kormánykerék
Hajó Típus vitorlás hajó
Méret, nagyság Túra 27ft (8.2m) - 32ft (9.7m)
kapitány opcionális
test mono
férőhely 10
ágy sz. 6
kab. sz. 2
kabinos ágyszám 4
wc 1
fürdő 1
kokpit zuhanyzó
gyártó Elan
gyártás 2012
hossz (m) 9.25
szélesség (m) 3.22
súly (Kg) 3750
víztartály (l) 150
motor erő (HP) 20
motor Volvo Penta 20 HP
üzemanyag tank (l) 50
üzemanyag dízel
fővitrola (m2)
genoa (m2)

model Hajó Típus város régió ország
Elan 310 vitorlás hajó Balatonfüred Balaton Magyar
Méret, nagyság test cím gps hosszúság gps szélesség
Túra 27ft (8.2m) - 32ft (9.7m) mono

ELAN 310 vessels in the fleet, taking into account the conditions of the lake, with ownership, racing also included, which allows both sailboats technology and comfort is very high quality they represent.

hajó bérleti díj

Rent prices:


Week: 270.000 HUF

Short week: 276.000 HUF

Weekend: 99.000 HUF

Work day: 39.000 HUF

Weekend day: 55.000 HUF



Week: 341.000 HUF

Short week: 215.000 HUF

Weekend: 132.000 HUF

Work day: 55.000 HUF

Weekend day: 70.000 HUF



Week: 425.000 HUF

Short week: 253.000 HUF

Weekend: 176.000 HUF

Work day: 70.000 HUF

Weekend day: 95.000 HUF

Week: 341.000 HUF

Short week: 215.000 HUF

Weekend: 132.000 HUF

Work day: 55.000 HUF

Weekend day: 70.000 HUF


Transit log: 12.700 HUF/Booking

Cauction: 200.000 HUF


The rental fee includes (other than short weeks):


  • 24-hour phone-call
  • duty and serviceboat Insurance
  • 3 hours of fuelFree parking for one car, depending on the base port capacity
  • Using the base port Balatonfüredi
  • Using the ship's water area of the lake



Payment Terms:

Payment: 50% deposit of the ship booking, 50% 14 days before taking over the ship. If you book within 30 days of rent paid 100%.

In the case of participation therein (except Blue Ribbon, which refers to special package price) competitive equipment is provided, in addition to the list price for which an additional 20% surcharge will be applied.* A transit log includes cleaning the boat, water and refueling charges.


ELAN 310 outdoor facilities:

2011/2012 model year

  • Weight: 3,750 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 50 l
  • Water tank: 150 l
  • Draft: 1.90 m
  • Width: 3.22 m
  • Length: 9.25 m
  • Instrumentation: wind, depth, speed, compass
  • Satellite tracking
  • Autopilot
  • Motor type: Volvo Penta 20 HP
  • Bed: 6 people
  • Alba: rigid construction, gas spring
  • Gennaker: 100 m2
  • Fock (112%): 26.9 m2
  • Gross: 31,6 m2
  • One sails Sails polyester sandwich
  • Dyneema rigging moving
  • Dyform standing riggingharken fittings
  • Selden mast competition


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