Hostess services

We provide hostesses and promoters from our own team for:

  • Retail events in department stores
  • Conference and VIP parties
  • Sales promotions

Our hostesses are university and college students, who are not just decorative, but with their intelligence they contribute to the success of the event. All of our hostesses are well-experienced, worked at many events and promotions, and for special request they can manage helpdesk and assistant tasks as well.

For special request we recruit and provide hostesses with foreign language skills, furthermore we can arrange professional training for specific activities in order to make them able to answer basic professional questions and to operate technical equipments during the event.

Our promoters have IT interests, professional knowledge, self-confident communicational skills and great experiences in sales promotions. Implementing successful promotions includes organizing specific trainings for the promoters, developing the incentive and monitoring systems and continuous reporting.

Our partner in hostess services is Max&Future.