2016: Dufour Grandlarge 350

Making use of imaginative and high quality finished interior space for all storage systems, so staying on the ship or provide lovable living space for 8 people or more days sailing on the occasion as well. Comfortable, spacious sunbathing sail aboard satisfaction and time spent on the water-loving, longing for crew rest. Yacht board design, sportiness resulting from the innovative solutions of sail handling makes it an unforgettable experience in the government of the time for any captain.

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Grand Soleil 37 - Balatonfűzfő

Grand Soleil 37, with 3 cabins, and 8 beds:

From 205.000 HUF, to 372.000 HUF/week.

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New modells in 2016.:

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 sailing ship 2015 models. Dream come true, modern and beautiful appearance. Class-leading speeds thereby increasing the experience it provides. Ingenious solutions make larger and more comfortable in the salon and found all three in the boat cabin. The very bright, extremely clever and clean the interior of the wheelhouse features both sailing for over 40 feet, large cockpit makes this lovable sailing ship. Lake Balaton has ideal dimensions, maneuverability ensures synchronous government, despite the size of the sails because of a well thought-out, practical on-board design, can be handled without much effort. The folding plattform experience providing water close to us.

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Speed boats Lake Balaton, in 2016.:

Adventure Personal fast boat 25th Under normal operating conditions, it can travel at 35 km / h. The ship's interior and the supplier's site is designed to be used also for handicapped passengers. Siofok - Balatonfüred distance of 25 - to take the boat for 30 minutes. Ships comfortable, semi-open cabin and have fixed seats. Personal fast boat 25th Under normal operating conditions, it can travel at 35 km / h. This means that for example.

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